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Abo Mandour Mosque in Rashid City


Rashid or Rosetta is an Egyptian city, one of the cities of the Beheira Governorate, which is located on the West Bank of the Rashid branch . Its Latin name is Rosetta, meaning the little or the beautiful rose. The city is distinguished by its unique historical architectural and decorative heritage, as it is considered a museum of Islamic architecture, and it is the second Egyptian city after Cairo in terms of the number of Islamic monuments in it, which date back to the Mamluk and Ottoman period. The city of Rashid has a distinct geographical location and is located in the far north of Egypt. Rashid  is famous for being the country of one million palm trees due to its dependence on agriculture .Rashid was inhabited and populated by the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic and Roman, and this area was popular in the Pharaonic period, and a center for the manufacture of wheels and military equipment.

Rosetta city

About Abo Mandour

The mosque’s name dates back to Al-Arif Ballah "Mohamad Abo Mandour" , or known as Abo Al-Nadr because the strength of his eyesight.  Al-Arif Ballah came to Rashid in 991 AD after the Battle of Karbala in Iraq, and he lived in Rashid City for 11 years. He built the mosque (Abo Mandour) during this period, and the mosque The mosque had a great role in educating the people about their religion until he died in 1002 AD.

The ancestor of Al-Arif Ballah Mohamed Abo Mandour dates back to Imam Mohamed Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

The location of the Mosque

The mosque is located in the hill of Abu Mandour area, south of the city of Rashid in the Beheira Governorate, which is a group of sandy hills in the form of a mountain hill next to the Sidi Abo Mandour Mosque.

The description of the mosque

Al-Arif Billah Abo Mandour Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in the city of Rashid in the Bahaira Governorate.  This mosque is characterized by its distance from the city and is also one of the most important religious attractions, as it is a good tourist destination for alot of tourists. 

The mosque had a rectangular design ,3 doors(on the north, east and west sides). the mosque contain a room ,inside it the mausoleum of Al-Arif Allah , the mausoleum was made of ornate wood.

The minaret of the mosque

The minaret of the mosque is located on the southwestern side, as it is the only minaret in the city of Rashid, which took on the Ottoman character.  The minaret consists of a square base and an octagonal body decorated with rows of stalactites .